Saturday, March 27, 2010

The start of an adventure, or something like it

Our trip to Boston is starting off with a little hiccup.

Starla and I arrived at the Amtrak station this morning to find that our train, the "Lakeshore Limited", is delayed. Apparently, there was a freight train derailment in Indiana overnight, which caused our train, coming from Chicago, to have to take a detour through Michigan and Toledo.

What this means to us is that the train is currently running about four hours behind schedule.

So, here we are, waiting in the station lounge along with about 50 other passengers, including a group of about 20 college students on a spring break trip. They've camped out in one of the row of seats, some chatting, some napping. A couple of them are trying to start a game of Euchre.

Among the other waiting passengers are a family with several teenage kids - the boys both playing handheld video games while the girls are reading beauty magazines; a guy in a huge fur coat and a ton of luggage; and a lone girl in a hooded sweatshirt sitting in the corner who reminds me of Ally Sheedy's character from The Breakfast Club.

The adventure begins.


Mariam Satchell said...

oh geez! hope the rest of your trip is uneventful!!!!

yan+starla said...

It all worked out in the end.