Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Buck Stops Here

This morning, as I'm having my coffee, I looked out into our backyard, and lo and behold: a buck. By my count, he was a 6-pointer.

When he saw my camera, he paused to look over at me casually.

From you're somethin' else

I guess he was here to eat my weeds. If you're interested in this all-natural weed control solution, let me know. I would probably rent him to you for... wait for it... a buck. (groan)
From you're somethin' else

Later, I took Phoebe out to the backyards and she actually chased him and his buddy away. That's right, there were actually two bucks!

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Kim and Joel said...

Very fun pictures, cute that Phoebe chased them away...
How are things going with you all?