Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A farmer's market right in your cubicle

All right, not actually in my cubicle, but pretty close.

Starting this week, my company is bringing a local farm, Rainbow Farms of Madison, Ohio, on site during lunch hours, offering their fresh produce of the season to employees.

Rainbow Farms had set up a tent and tables right outside our building on the grass. And today, the weather was sunny and just beautiful - a perfect day to enjoy fresh produce. The only problem with this was that everyone going to the produce stand had to be careful not to step on the goose droppings all over the grass and walkways. I was careful and came back unblemished.

I went down during my lunch hour and picked up some kohlrabi, zucchini, yellow squash, tomatoes, and fresh strawberries. Prices are comparable to other farmer's markets. I was then able to call Starla to tell her what I bought so she wouldn't need to get these items when she goes grocery shopping later.

The farmer's market will be on site every week through fall, so now I have my lunch hour planned until then as well. Between this and the veges that I'm growing at home (at least those that will bear fruit), we'll be eating very well this year. Speaking of which, I'll post some photos of my garden at a later time.

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