Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Update on ooma

In a previous post, I described switching to the ooma VoIP service to replace our home phone service. It's been about 2 months, so here's an update.

After trying it ooma out for a few weeks, we decided to take the next step and port our home phone number to ooma. I guess I should have separated our home phone number from our DSL service before starting the porting process, because the porting process closed our account with our phone company, and thereby also deactivated our DSL service. This meant that anyone calling us during this time received a "this number is no longer in service message." It also meant that ooma was not usable since we didn't have a broadband connection, but our mobile phones filled in this communications gap.

I had to open a new DSL account with our phone company, which wasn't too difficult, and we were only off the net for a few days. And fortunately, our home phone number was properly ported to ooma.

Since then, ooma has been handling our home phone calls without problem. And I just paid my last local phone bill, which after all is the whole point of ooma.

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