Friday, March 6, 2009

Coyote Ugly

The area around my office building is also an unofficial habitat for Canadian Geese. We often see them walk across the office park, resting on the greenspace between office buildings, and sometimes stopping traffic as they waddle across the road. I've never felt that they are a bother - it kind of makes me feel as if I'm closer to nature when I see animals around. And I've never killed a goose with my car (or golf ball).

But I guess the geese been troubling others, probably mostly due to the presence of their droppings. So the company's groundskeepers have come up with various humane ways to dissuade the geese from taking up residence around the office park, including the use of trained shepherd dogs.

The latest tactic involves placing several rubber coyotes around the office park to, I guess, scare the geese away. These coyotes look pretty menacing, and the company has warned employees so people aren't startled to see a growling predator as they walk from the parking lot to the office building.

Frankly, I hope the geese stay. Maybe I can use of these rubber coyotes to guard my vegetable garden this summer.

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