Sunday, January 4, 2009

The not-so-secret life of Cleveland

I hope this will be the first of many blog posts about life in Cleveland.

Today we visited a couple of the little gems in our city. I'm not saying that other cities don't have gems of their own, but I do tend to see surprised looks on people's faces when I say that I love Cleveland.

First, we stopped by the Rockefeller Park Greenhouse, which is located at the end of the Cleveland Cultural Gardens, to see some of the Christmas poinsettia as well as their normal displays. I know, it's after Christmas, but it was nice because there were not too many people, which allowed us to stop and take some photos.



It's not a huge greenhouse, but there are some lovely orchids, palm trees that reach the ceiling, and quite a few aptly-named species of cacti.

Afterwards, we stopped by the Cleveland Playhouse to see their annual Christmas tree display, where people from around the city put up and decorate Christmas trees that line the corridors and atrium of the Playhouse.

This was their last day, and workers had begun taking down some of the trees, though most were still up. The top three trees received ribbon awards. I'm not sure who or how they were judged. The first prize went to this non-tree tree created by a local architectural firm, which, with its twisting steel spires, reminds me a lot of the Peter B. Lewis Building nearby.

Starla noted that many of the trees this year featured peacock feathers, and still more used copper-colored decorations. One of my favorites is this one decked out in purple.

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