Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!

It is, of course, the Year of the Ox, which is my year, so everyone please congratulate me (and anyone else who was born in the Year of the Ox)! You can't see it, but I'm wearing red today.

We enjoyed bountiful meals at my parents' house this past weekend in celebration of the New Year, and was able to see my brother and his wife for the first time since their wedding. As always at my parents' house, my Mom (with assistance from my Dad) cooked up a storm, and all of us who were at the table now feel a little more like cow than ox.

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Janell said...

It is great to have a feast with family members on Chinese New year. My mother made a dinner which could feed an army. My younger brother took some photos and emailed me. These photos make me feel salivant. My parents and brother watched a traditional Chinese show which includes singing, dancing, some comedic performances and so forth and usually lasts 4 hours on New Years Eve. Feng and I watched some fractions which are really funny. Nobody can help laughing.
Ox is a year of Feng. My father asked me to buy something red for Feng. I think it is very hard to find red underwear in the US. If my mother was here, she would make some for Feng. Unfortunately, I have not inherited from my mother. Poor Feng may have an unlucky year.
Happy Niu year!