Monday, August 14, 2006

Starla's parents arrived

Starla's parents arrived safely in Beijing despite the terror threat on Thursday.

On Friday, they visited a couple of local tour spots with my mom and a family friend. On Saturday, I took them to a couple of historical parks. These were former imperial gardens or residences during China's dynastic period that were once off-limits to regular citizens. Starla was not feeling well and so she stayed home. On Sunday, the four of us visited a Taoist (Daoist) temple in which the air was filled with the smell of burning incense. We then went to a popular flea market that was way too crowded. In the evening, we met up with my mom and went to Lao She Teahouse for a series of traditional Chinese entertainment shows that included acrobatics, magic, Beijing Opera, Kungfu demonstrations, all of which was accompanied by tea and snacks. It was a fun time.

Today (Monday), Starla's parents are visiting the Forbidden City with my mom, while Starla and I are back to classes. The weather remains either hot or rainy, and humid regardless. We were originally planning to visit the Great Wall today, but the forecast called for rain, and we didn't want to repeat our trip 2 years ago when we could not see much of the Wall due to fog. Hopefully, the weather will clear up later this week.

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