Wednesday, August 2, 2006

A bit of excitement

There was a bit of nailbiting this past weekend.

On Saturday, we went to a nearby restaurant for dinner. While eating, Starla began having an allergic reaction to something we ate. Initially we thought that she may be reacting to the several smokers nearby, but when the itching didn't stop after going outside for a while, we feared a food allergy. We rushed to the nearby China-Japan Friendship Hospital, which apparently has an international outpatient clinic in which all forms are in both Chinese and English, and all physicians speak English (and I'm guessing, Japanese).

While waiting, Starla began feeling better, and things cleared up soon after she took the doctor's prescription. Since the reaction was came and went rather fast, we suspect that it was either the fruit juice we had with dinner or possibly the fish and shrimp dishes. However, it's not quite definitive since she's had all of those things before and allergies are hard to pinpoint.

Other than that, we've been fortunate to have been having comparatively cool weather here in Beijing, with temperatures rarely topping 90 degrees, which from what I understand, is a major concern Stateside. We are, however, having a lot of rainfall. According to one news report this week, this is the rainiest summer in Beijing in 5 years. It seems to rain heavily one day, then hot and humid the next day, combining into one wet cycle. The humidity is staying as high as the temperatures, with people reporting interference with electronic devices. We were at this one place where the staff had to use a blow dryer to dry a keycard lock before the keycard would work to open a door. The below photo is a typical hazy day as viewed from the building where we hold classes.

Classes are going fairly well as we are going through our fourth week of classes. We're learning a lot, and probably forgetting a lot, too.

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