Thursday, July 13, 2006

Tidbits of Life in Beijing

From Beijing

Some observations during our 1 hour 15 minutes commute each morning and evening:
  • Fashion has been smeared as if someone scooped up a broad sample of western and eastern fashion styles from over the past 5 decades and splashed them on the streets of Beijing. There are youths (not yutes) with shaggy hair akin to the Beatles or long sideburns like Elvis, and long shorts worn low like American teenagers today. Women's fashion is even more diverse. But there are also still older or rural people who wear the more traditional buttoned-down, wide-collared, pin-striped white dress shirts with slacks like what my father wore when he attended college in Beijing.
  • The shear crowd entering and exiting the subway stations can be one response to the question "how can the government tell people how many children they can have?"
  • To be continued...

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